✦ Skin Bar Peels

Our Cocktail Peels were created specifically for the person on the go for just $30.
Enjoy a 20 minute treatment uniquely designed to give maximum results in minimum time.


Skin Bar  Cocktails Peels


A potent cocktail of detoxifying and anti-oxidant rich ingredients to exfoliate all skin types while brightening, toning, and moisturizing skin. This 25% lactic acid peel treatment helps brighten discolorations while toning the skin; increasing uniformity of color, texture, and clarity.


Repair the signs of aging with the collagen boosting effects of blueberries and red wine enhancers! Skin is saturated with an intoxicating exfoliant blend of natural acids and enzymes blended with a decadent blueberry puree. 100% natural blueberry puree blended with chiral AHA’s of L-lactic acid, L-tartaric acid, L-malic acid, BHA salicylic acid, and enzymes.


Renew and detoxify skin with a double shot of detox therapy! The antioxidant and anti-bacterial properties of cranberry creates a “peeling” effect using a potent base of natural papain enzymes and AHA’s to eliminate the dead cells that dull the complexion and clog the skin.


Indulge in some red wine therapy with this 100% natural cherry puree blended with chirally correct AHA’s, fruit enzymes and a saturated blend of potent red polyphenols for all skin types including sensitive skin, rosacea, and acne.


Restore a youthful and healthy glow with a burst of antioxidant power and fruit enzymes. This naturally aromatic treatment drenches skin in 30% vitamin C to stimulate collagen and strengthen elasticity. Great for aging skin, dehydrated, rosacea, pigmentation, and fine lines.