Lash Care

Before & After

We know time is valuable to everyone and you’ll want to make the most of yours! Here are a few tips you should follow to prepare for your upcoming lash appointment to ensure that your lash extensions are everything you hope they’ll be. It also includes After Care instructions to increase the longevity of your lashes.

Eye Make-up

It is imperative that you arrive without any eye makeup. If your stylist has to spend extra time removing cosmetics, she will have less time to spend applying lashes. Less cleaning. More time. More lashes. 

Get a sense of what you would like!

We always recommend bringing reference photos for inspiration! After a consultation we’ll recommend a set based off of your goals and what is best for your natural lashes and face/eye shape.

Phone Etiquette

Turn off your cell phone before your appointment. Phone calls and text messages can ruin your relaxation vibe and lessen your lash count.

Skip the java!

If caffeine makes your jittery, it can make your eyes twitch. This makes the lash application  more difficult and thus more time consuming for your Lash Artist.

Tint the lashes 24-48 hours prior

The chemical compounds in lash dye can cause the adhesive to improperly bond, or not at all. Schedule these services with enough time prior to your lash appointment.

Contact Lens Wearer

Wear glasses to your appointment if you are a contact lens wearer, as contact lenses can be uncomfortable while worn during the treatment.

Lash After Care

Lash Care Dont's

Important Note:

Please note that we reserve the right to decline or discontinue service to any client we find to be unable to fit the standards of our policies or any client who is unable to keep their lashes at a level of cleanliness that is proper for this service. Feel free to contact us with any further questions, you can TEXT US your FIRST, LAST NAME and QUESTION to (407) 917-7198.